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Walk ons


Northern Alliance
Jul 5, 2012
It's unlikely to find 100% mfog walk ons, most sites do limited loader format games if they do, just to increase player numbers, I know mayhem in Essex has one start of Feb, miltac at NPF usually happens 3 times a year (one of them at paintfest). Urban paintball UK have a limited loader game this year (can't remember dates off the top of my head) and nextgen have a weekend game at start of October, both urbans & nextgen games are on mod sites.

Might probably be a few more that pop up throughout the year or could just use magfed stuff at normal walkons for more of a challenge.


Active Member
Sep 3, 2014
Ok. I'm a pro photographer so work nearly every weekend and can never book in advance. I was hoping to find somewhere running regular mag fed or limited loader games for those weekends where I'm unexpectantly free. Will email warfighters to see.


Dec 2, 2010
The 1989 club at YPC is mostly magfed with a few 50 round hoppers. Basically any marker is valid as long as you can use a 50 round or less hopper, stick feeds etc. Its been running for most of last year. We went from 10 regulars to up to 60+ walkon regulars. It runs alongside the normal walkon.

What I've noticed is a lot of folk who tried it started with 50 round hoppers and moved on to magfed. However when I say any marker can be used I mean i've seen all sorts being used from Crossman 3357 to Airowgun Bow, to Pumps to full on tourney markers. Its probably the most diverse bunch of marker setups you'll find anywhere.

Basic rules are all hits count including bounces. Self Marshalling so its £10 and BYOP.

I go once a month and its a fun day out.