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water in lense


the brotherhood
May 16, 2002
isle of man
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put your lenses in a towel and leave on a radiator(not to hot),or if you can get any cilica christals(in packets) leave these in the mask(it realy absorbs water vapor) or a dehumidifyer if u can borrow 1:D

styles mugger

Jan 14, 2002
In my head, NOOOOO!!!!!!!
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Well stating from a Jt lenes user manual,When cleaning Do not leave or submerge ur lens in water as it will/may affect the performance of the lens -which they (JT) wud count as the same as wot is happening to ur lenes in a court if u tried to sue um from a lens failier.
Get them dry as quick as u can without getting them too warm & try not to get um soaked again.
If in doult replace um,which is wot i would do!!!!
This might help u to decide,How much is ur eye sight worth to u? more than £15-£20?????!
Originally posted by Stealthknight
i just washed my lense and i kinda got water inside the thermal sheeting, how the f**k do i get it out?????
it is starting to condense which is not good:confused: :mad:
right, the technical term for your lens sartts with ffffff and ends in ucked. :( yuh best bet is to get a new one, as styles says, they aint expensive now and they are worth it.
dont think once you got water in em the thermal will work proper anyway.