Wearing Glasses Under Masks

Alan Davison

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Dec 28, 2016
This thread has been really helpful as iv struggled in the past with glasses fogging up that bad I chose not to wear them, ( did not improve my game ) will definately try catcrap or mucoff . Thanks


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Feb 6, 2017
i was wearing contact lenses to help with my paintball and other sport but it was a pain to keep taking them in and out so i reverted back to glasses.
I always sprayed my V-force anti fog spray on the glasses as well as the inside of my mask. I found the V-force Grillz were the best ones for comfort all round on my head..!!


Nov 27, 2006
For people who use eye correction, we have the following options:

1) don't wear glasses or contact lenses
This is what I do most of the time
For reference my prescription is below, I can see clearly close up (about a metre) then it blurs a little
I'm not blind and I don't see double, I can see but my glasses make everything clear
To a degree I can get on fine without wearing my glasses (i do need them to legally drive)
I've always used glasses selectively* and my prescription has remained unchanged over the years
(* the exception to the rule is prescription sunglasses. I'm a vampire so when there are bright lights around then the sunglasses go on)

I can see movement, I can see things ahead and in my peripheral vision, I can see paintballs well enough to draw them in on a target

2) wear glasses
Ideally look for a combination of glasses / goggles that work
Don't expect your best designer fashion frames to fit under goggles. Try on some cheap basic small profile glasses, and use those with goggles.
Take your goggles to the opticians, or use an online glasss supplier that will send you a selection of frames to try
Alternately take your glasses to the paintball shop / site and try on different goggles with your glasses
A few sets of goggles have a slit in the foam to accommodate glasses frames. If yours don't then consider slipping a razor blade into the foam

3) wear contacts
A bit drastic and involves poking your fingers in your eye

4) use goggle inserts
You can get prescription inserts to place in your goggles. Ask your optician or look online
Online retailers usually have a printable template to cut out and test with your goggles



Dec 14, 2016
Didn't really go through the whole thread but if you need a mask that will work great with glasses then I recommend the Empire Helix. My friends uses one and he wears glasses all the time. Pretty sure the other Empire masks are good for glasses too but not exactly sure.