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Welcome to P8ntballer 1.3


Jul 2, 2001
Continuing to march forwards even where other sites may not! Welcome to P8ntballer 1.3 alpha.

P8ntballer 1.3a contains a variety of new features and upgrades. Many of these are for the site staff to use, however there are things for you guys aswell!

So in no particular order:

Stuff for Members
Reporting a User
Users can now be reported directly from their profile. This can be used for users that haven't posted any content, but may have an inappropriate avatar, signature, or you believe to be a spammer or otherwise unwanted person.

All IP logging and management systems have been adjusted to support IPv4 and IPv6. This includes IPs logged with posts and other content, other logs, banned/discouraged IPs, sessions, and more.

Profile Post and Comment Tagging
User tagging is now supported in profile posts and comments. To the end user making a post, the syntax is the same (@admin) and auto suggest is supported. This will be modified to the parseable format automatically and alerts will be sent if necessary.

Editor Toolbar Changes
The editor has had some minor tweaks and new options added. Additionally it should show up better on mobile devices now.

Spoiler BB Code
A new spoiler tag BB code has been added, for when you need to hide some content.

Like this

A highly requested feature, each post will now show a +/- button next to the normal "Reply" button. Clicking this will add the post to the multiquote system. When replying, you can chose which posts to quote, rearange them by dragging and dropping, or remove them alltogether. Multiquote works across multiple pages, and multiple threads.

Heres a video showing the usage of multiquote.

External media (images etc) where appropriate will now be proxied via P8ntballer Server. This should hopefully speed up how quickly they load if they are large images. This is also linked to the next points.

P8ntballer will shortly be switching over to an entirely SSL website. SSL is a protocol which encrypts all information (similar to how you log into Paypal or your Bank) sent to and from your browser to the website. This is an additional measure of security we are providing to our users to ensure their information is kept safe and secure.

Several days ago we switched over to a high speed web server called LiteSpeed. We are running a test to see how it goes, but you should notice things being slightly faster and more responsive in general.

Finally, when SSL is turned on, we will be enabling SPDY, a method of utilising SSL to speed up the site.

Stuff for moderators
Moving Single Posts
Single posts can now be moved out of a thread to a new one if requested simply by providing the URL to the destination thread.


Copying Posts
Individual posts can now be duplicated. @Robbo :)


Shared IP Checking
To detect if a user had registered more than one account, we've now added an option to check for shared IPs via a user's profile page.


New ways to terrorise rule breakers and reward valuable members
A picture says a thousand words.


Various other changes
Mostly for admin use.
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Jul 2, 2001
Whilst all these features should work without issue, if you find any problems or something doesn't seem right, please report it in this thread.


UK Redskins
May 6, 2004
Essex, UK
I have read your list of updates and I'm completely sure that you know exactly what you are doing to make an already fantastic site even better, But having read all that stuff, next time can you write it just not in chinese !!!

Many thanks and keep up the most excellent work.




Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
Thanks Jon, I just wish I could appreciate the changes in terms of making use of them but from the look of it, it will improve the site's resources.
Bottom line is, we were always waaaaaaaaaaay in front of our competition, if indeed you could call them that, these changes will increase the gap even further.
Cool :)