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What’s a good tournament gun ?

Derek Maxwell

New Member
Jan 2, 2019
hello all back looking at playing tournament paintball again after about 10 years away from the sport I was just looking for some info on the best markers on the market for newbies. When I last played the guns on the scene where etek 2 /sp shocker / invert minis etc...

Any help would be great cheers !!

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Second hand GTEK or GTEK 160R. Seen a few GTEK's around the 225-250 mark. Eclipse markers always work.

You can pick up a 160R for 300 if you hunt around.

Or if that's not your cup of tea, plenty of DM15's around for less than 200. But you have to be able to work on Dye markers. Axes are sub-200 these days, since the new model - the Syx - is coming out. *TFP EDIT*

And there's always a brand new EMEK for 200. Great gun for cheap.
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