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What .68 cal Paintballs do you use ?


New Member
Sep 26, 2020
Hi , I’m currently looking to buy some paintballs in bulk however I’m not sure what website is best for it. What website for paintballs do you guys recommend and what .68 cal balls do you recommend. I’ve been looking at the Valken Kilo ones however am not sure


May 15, 2007
Hi Zak, Welcome to the forum.

First thing to consider is where you will be using them, as many sites (understandably) are site paint only, so that might have an impact.

After that, you will get recommendations for pretty much every brand, as there are "sponsored" teams / players for all of them in the UK.

Honestly, your best bet is to just pick a supplier, call them up, and see what they recommend for the type of paintball you will be playing (this depends on your marker, the time of year).

Here's a list of people you can buy paint from in no particular order:



The brotherhood
Aug 1, 2003
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What do you class as bulk buy and why are you wanting to bulk buy,

If it's just to get it a bit cheaper than you would pay at events the disadvantages vastly outweigh any price savings.

Unless you're buying for a team that's all shooting the same make of gun it's really not worth it,

You save a bit of money.

You have to have it all delivered ( this will involve a pallet delivery ) or you collect it,
You then have to look after it, store it in a dry place of the correct temperature,
You have to carry it too and from the events you attend ( bring the boxes you don't use back home with you),
If the paint you've bought turns out to be not very good you're stuck with it, ( even the best paint brands can have bad batches ).
You're not supporting the venue/event organisers that you're playing at ( most are event/site paint only now for this very reason )

Advantages of buying from the site or event you're playing at,
You don't have to take delivery of a pallet of paint,
You don't have to store it,
You don't have to carry it to and from sites/events,
If you get a box of paint at an event/site that's bad or isn't quite working for your gun they will usually swap it, and you're not stuck with it and loads of of other boxes
of the same paint.