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What counts as a magfed gun?


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Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK
Sounds like an easy question, but turns out that everyone has a different interpretation of magfed - some people are more towards the milsim end of the scale and think that only guns that resemble real steel firearms should be counted, while others think that stickfed pumps, or even stickfed tournament markers should be permitted.

Personally I think magfed should be about creating a level playing field and that gun aesthetics shouldn't matter provided that no-one gains an unfair advantage.

What do you reckon?


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Mar 11, 2012
Here is one for ya, box mags. Safe to say hold an unfair advantage in
Capacity so are they just a hopper upside down or would ya class them
Same as a 7 to 20 round mag

Anything fed by a magazine counts no matter what gun a 10 round pod is pretty much a magazine however a mag would generally be stereotyped to a real looking mag.


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Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK
Yep I have a problem with boxmags too - as effectively they're just an upside down Halo, which kind of seems like cheating. :)

There has been loads of discussion about the whole 'what counts as magfed' on Facebook and I think the suggestion for boxmags was having roles/classes for each team with a limit of say, 1 heavy support guy using a boxmag per team.
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Nov 27, 2006
What constitutes magfed varies majorly according to perception

As I've often said (usually about scenario)- it's not milsim unless its milsim
Sticking to this then magfed does not have to be replicas

I would not thinking stick feed when magfed is referred to, but if a game is magfed I would not automatically exclude stick feed

Up until recently I would expect a magfed game (other then milsim) to allow for stick feeds, tag caps etc.
but with more magfed markers out, and affordability with the hammer, I could see more magfed games excluding stick feeds, tac caps, pumps etc. not for discrimination but for a bigger customer base
But I'd still expect them to be permitted in events depending on organisers opinions or individual events
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Rebel Tackleberry

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Mar 23, 2010
Box mags are no different to having a normal hopper, so should be restricted in a game scenario to only a certain number allowed on the field.

Where a heavy gunner is required then am individual site/event can decide if a heavy gunner could use something like a Q Loade, or even a normal hopperr.

The normal point is limited ammo/reload, so I'd say Q Loaders are out as general use.

To me the focus is more on limited shots, having to reload frequently and play more tactically. Slow the game down so you have to think about your shots and the consequences of being vulnerable during a reload.

Some others see it as pure magfed, but I think if it's a format that wants to grow then it needs to allow people to try it with kit they might already have and feel comfortable with. There are always magfed loan markers available, and people should be encouraged to try them, but some people aren't comfortable with using other peoples kit.

I do think that someone running a stick feed will maybe be disadvantaged against someone with proper mags, so if the playing style appeals to them enough to play more often then they would probably end up looking at a proper magfed marker of some sort.

It's just another style of game and it's good that people will have a choice of different styles to play. Not every baller only chooses one style. Some play across all genres, tournament, scenario, magfed, milsim. It's all paintball.
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Oct 28, 2008
Easy question. Defination of mag:

bullet or cartridge holder: a detachable container for cartridges or bullets that can be quickly inserted or removed from a gun.

So any marker with a removable container that holds the paintballs, i.e. any paintball gun that doesn't have a fixed hopper, i.e. anything apart from things like a PGP were you refill something permantly attached to the marker.

So it could be argued an ego LV1 is mag fed, the mag is the rotor or spire sat on top. If you were playing magfed only that may exclude refilling the rotor from pods and you'd have to carry a spare rotor if you wanted to "change mags".

Not in the spirit but certainly in the rules.