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What did you read today? Science, Technology, and Entertainment!


Taco Connoiseur
Jan 1, 2022
Miami, FL, USA
Did you read something itneresting today? Come and share science, technology, and entertainment articles.

I got this really interesting article in my inbox this morning on new methods for Dark Matter detection. Scientists believe that over 80% of all matter that exists in the universe is in the form of 'dark matter' which is imperceptible to our five senses directly. And may exist in other dimensions.

Quick excerpt:

"Dark matter is one of the universe’s biggest mysteries. It is a type of matter that doesn’t reflect, emit, or absorb light, and may only interact with other matter through gravity.

Although hidden, dark matter makes up around 27 percent of the universe's total mass, outweighing visible matter around six to one. Around 68 percent of the remaining mass is dark energy, with just five percent left to ordinary “baryonic” matter, which are the objects we can directly observe.

Researchers are quite confident dark matter exists — but they haven’t exactly been able to prove it with direct, observational evidence. They know it’s there given its gravitational effect on the motion of stars and galaxies, as dark matter moves galaxies in ways that all the observable matter can’t."

Our whole scientific and mathematical understanding of gravity is based on something we understand very little.

Source: https://www.inverse.com/science/dark-matter-asteroids?utm_campaign=inverse-daily-2022-1-24&utm_medium=inverse&utm_source=newsletter&utm_session=61243089-2dc3-47a3-aced-c4c86d866103

Source: Main Site: https://www.inverse.com/

I highy recommend this site for quirky science and entertainment news :)
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