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What is necessary to be able to reply and msg to BST posts?


New Member
Dec 13, 2020
Currently trying to comment and/or msg a user on BST but I still have insufficient privilege. What is necessary to be able to comment or message?



Nov 27, 2006
New members privileges are restricted and cannot post in the classifieds areas or send private messages.

The privilege is gained by making approx 20 posts over about 2 weeks.
(These are managed by admin and have been adjusted on occasion so I may not be exactly up to date)

We clearly know when many new members are posting across the forum for the count, but as long as posts aren't pure spam we moderators let them stand, if it gets a bit silly then we delete some and they have to keep going.

For new players I would recommend taking the time as they can see more items come up, ask questions and make a more informed purchase rather than the first shiney thing they saw when they joined.

If you are after a particular item then the alternative is to upgrade your account with Platinum membership here:

Platinum membership for a year is £8 (about $10-$11) and theres a one-off lifetime option as well which works out cheap in the longer term. (I'm unsure of the current price as I have Lifetime so it shows as purchased on mine) .
This gives you direct access to classifieds & messaging