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What paintball tank should i get?

Sam Mottram

Platinum Member
Aug 7, 2015
I've been playing with a 3k air tank and i think its time to upgrade to a carbon tank. But I don't know what one to buy. I'm about 5 feet tall and am a young teen. Thanks


Feb 10, 2010
Safer 1.2L is awesome. So light and much shorter than a traditional 68 45 with more capacity. Either that or an empire 45 45 peanut tank but you'd need an efficient marker to last a long point.


Active Member
Feb 25, 2015
I'm 5,6 and use a 48/45 empire stubby or peanut tank on a mini gs.
It's a seriously small set up but suits me well, I can play a tiny bunker and the compact feel just suits my style.
The back of the marker is usually less than an inch off my nose and sometimes is butted right up against my mask but I shoot pretty good from there.

Most prefer their marker a little more in front of them because it will make shooting faster easier.mhaving my marker so close does make playing on semi and shooting fast a little more difficult but I try to stick with snap shooting over posting and holding a lane.

Most 68 tanks are roughly the size of a aluminium tank give or take so if you like the size of your tank stick with the 1.1 or 1.2 tanks, if you want smaller then try a peanut.
Out of a 3k fill I'll get a good 8 pods of paint without any drop off
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