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What would you do if a team mate is shot?


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Nov 27, 2008
In a Shrubbery
Just to put this straight I'm not in a team i'm refering to a team as a group of people that have been put together for that days paintballing.

What would you do if a team mate got shot while playing? sup\woodsball\so on...

1. Tell him he's been shot and make sure he goes off
2. Tell him he's been shot hoping he will wipe\rub\slide it off
3. Tell him he's been shot then ignore it
4. Ignore it all together

The reason i'm asking this it's because I’ve seen this allot in the last year at different sites.

I've told a couple of people on my own team that they have been shot (saw it with my own eyes) and they have just carried on playing saying it was off a barricade/inflatable or they have just ignored me altogether and just ran off wiping it off as they run\slide.

Answer honestly as I’ve seen all of the above done many time while playing and while watching from the side lines.


Inverness ICE
Jan 25, 2010
Inverness, Scotland
as sid said, make sure he gets off the field. He shouldnt be playing on with it as this could bring a penalty to your team.

on another note you could shoot him yourselve,...at one game a memebr of our team in a SPPS round was shot in the pack but didnt notice, our back centre player trying to tell him this wasnt able to make him aware he was shot, so then just shot him again himselve. making sure he was off and not playing on.


Feb 6, 2010
kings lynn
it is called cheating ( my pet hate ) if you play this game or any other you play for the enjoyment of it, yes we all like to win but if you cannot take defeat gracefully you should not be playing, i am 60 yrs old only got into the sport 18 mths ago and in that short time i have seen most of the "cheating" going on, feel like shooting them in the back of the head, nice to have a moan.
ps. yes i tell them they are shot and to f***k off the field.


May 7, 2007
If i can see my team mate has a shot on him, i will tell him to get off the field.
Also chances are if i can see it and let him know, then im the closest person to him so im likely to be pulled in a 1-4-1 if a ref see's it!..