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whats the best footwear for paintball

Oct 4, 2014
What's the best footwear for the different types of fields u can get in tournament paintball e.g. outdoor, indoor and Astro turf
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Sep 15, 2014
Personally as a new one myself i think that astro trainers are good, they have grip they will not rip the field's turf ground, if it is artificial grass, and also they have enough grip for the simple grass as well. Boots are good if you playing in mucky conditions you will have extra grip and you will need only a simple stick to get mud out if you want to. I would also consider cricket shoes or golf shoes, they are quite durable and their sole plates can be changed spikes for wet conditions and spikeless for astro turf. Dont buy really expensive shoes, you will regret it later, usually it is one season and you throw them out. If you are buying football trainers consider ones like nike tiempo which have needlework, they add some durability, so they dont rip. I would advice you to buy eclipse or dye or any other paintball shoes, they are usually as good as any boots, unless they are JT paintball trainers, my dad used them for 5 seasons until their grip warned out. Hope I didnt make it harder for you :)


Sep 19, 2014
Exeter, Devon
this guy here posted a youtube video about it, talking about each type of shoe, if you have time give it a listen :D

i did and it opened my mind.