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whats the best Gun I can get


Sytraxz Graphics inc.
Feb 18, 2002
New York

thhhhhppppppppppppp angels are not the best thats just an opinion what is the best is what worked for u! my rebel is a good gun between 200-250 pick one up


New Member
Apr 1, 2002
England, SE
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guns guns guns

i too am looking to but my first marker - there are so many to choose from its doin my head in - compressed air, Co2 or nitro then i have to decide what brand of gun i want to buy (i'm spinning around da da da da, sorry i've cant get kylie out of my head - S%&Y M*()$RF£^K!N lady) I know jack **** about guns but for 200-250 you could buy a:

WGP B.O.S.S. X-Raider $250
Kingman Spyder Shutter Java $250
CORE The SHARC $250 (actually 160) i'm thinking of getting this unless any body can tell me why i should'nt
Brass Eagle Raptor Extreme $249
Tippmann Pro/Carbine $249
Viewloader Surge $240
Sheridan XTS Nemesis $239
Kingman Spyder Xtra $225
Kingman Spyder TL Plus $224
Kingman Spyder TL Plus Java $220
Armson Semi $220
32 Degrees 2002 Rebel Xtreme $220
Arrow Precision Inferno $220
Tippmann Model 98 $219
PMI Piranha STS VF G3 $205
Joker STP $200
ACI F4 Illustrator $200
PMI Piranha STS G3 $200
ACI F4 Illustrator XP $200
PMI Piranha STS G2 Titanium $200
32 Degees Defender $200
ACI F4 Illustrator TP $200
JT Excellerator 3.0 $200
Kingman Spyder TL $200
Avalon GT Commando 2 $200
Joker ACE $200
Tippmann Custom 98 $200
ACI Griffin BL $200

choose wisely your marker is your best friend!!


New Member
Mar 18, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
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That's quite a list you've accumulated. You can narrow it down by picking a style of marker you're comfortable with and then choosing brands you know and can trust. Once you've accumulated a few brands you're comfortable with, take a look at the options each marker model has and make a final choice based on cost versus benefit.

In terms of style of marker, decide if you like Tippmann's approach with longer guns, or a stacked-tube style like Kingman or PMI. Those are the two marker styles you'll most likely find in the $200 range.

In terms of brands of guns, you'll probably want to choose one that is supported in your area. Personally, I believe PMI is producing a quality product and has one of the best customer service departments in the industry, but I live in the U.S. PMI may not have much support where you are.

If you do decide to go with PMI, be sure to purchase something from the G3 series. The G3 series incorporate a number of upgrades and typically cost less money. For $200 you can pick up a Piranha G3 Pro EXT and for $220 a Piranha G3 Pro TS at www.paintballgear.com Both are VERY nice markers for the money, coming with vertical feeds, drop forwards, regulators, and quality bolts. They shoot consistently, break very little paint, and field strip in about 5 seconds.

Good luck with your decision.


New Member
Mar 20, 2002
southern california
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At that price, i like the tippmann 98 custom. I picked up mine, and it's a good, sturdy marker. It is also really easy to customize. With what you're looking at spending, you should be able to equip it with an expansion chamber setup and a rear cocking system, or you could prob. set it up to shoot nitro or compressed air.


New Member
Apr 4, 2002
alberta canada

go with an inferno heat.
mine cost me $260
its been to a bunch of tournaments including the canadian national speedball championships. and it has never skipped a beat. it still rarin to kick some @$$