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whats the best Gun I can get


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The truth about what gun you should buy

Ok, nobody's really brought this up, so I will.

When you'r elooking for a particular paintball gun you really aren't just looking at price and a nice anno job. What you need to do it match gear to your game.

Are you a tinker freak? Do you just want a paintgun you can put a tank on and shoot? Are you looking for future add ons like a barrel or regulator? So you want to spend a lot of time off-site doing maintenence? Do you mind technical guns?

Then there's the questions of your playing style. Are you a front player? Do you like ot mix it up strraight up the gut? Or are you a back guy, who loves to rain paint on your opponents? Do you want a small, stubby paintgun, or a long fencing rapier? Do you plan on buying barrels for it for conditions? Are you all that serious?

Now the most important question. Did you get goggles? No? GET THEM. Spend the $100 on a GOOD PAIR. Do you have $15 eyes, or $100 eyes? I thought you'd see it my way.

Are you getting a package deal? Are you going through a store? Local stores have advantages, like customer service and if it breaks, you're right there with the place you got it. Do you have a hopper? Did you think of all this?

Ok, so for example, if you're a light fast guy who's looking for a compact paintgun for working snakes and front bunkers I'd recomend a Piranha, a Spyder, a Genesis, an Inferno, or even possibly the Sheridan XTS. All of those guns are small, compact beasts that have a lot of aftermarket parts for you tinkermonkeys.

If yo're a back player, you may look at the Tippmans (I won't even TALK about the flatline...), the Sheridan XTS, The Viper XTS, OR even a USED cocker. You'd be surprised at what you can find USED at a field! But you'll also want a longer barrel for a little more control.

Think hard about your style, and match your gear accordingly. Me? I own a Stroker, a Cocker, and a Viper. I use them all, I like them all. I use the Viper in cold weather, the Cocker in HOT weather, and the Stroker when I want it to ALWAYS work. Then there's the pump guns...



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Mar 20, 2002
southern california
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Ya know, tyger brings up a good point. The gun that you buy should fit your style of play, and what you plan on doing in the future. That was part of what pushed me towards the 98 custom. I was looking for an entry level gun that I could later upgrade to suit my style of play as it develops.