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whats the best upgrade for the ion?


Dec 16, 2008
S****horpe ... gah
oh raffles trust me i never disappoint :p;).

And its really not a band wagon thing with me ... my past experience with Ions is thust... my friend whome i play with all the time ... his broke within a week.

Last time i was at my local field a kid had his held together by gaffer tape (must add that to the other thread) and he said he only got it 3 weeks ago.

I shot another ion the week prior to this, as a guy whome ive played with a few times played with my impy, that ide dragged out of a closet.
Bare in mind that it hadnt been gassed up in 2 years, and it shot perfect.
His ion shot like it had a sideways apex on it.

and when a gun that was supposed to be a better, more modern, smartparts gun is beaten handsdown by its old grandad, you know theres something wrong.

so yea if anyone feels like comming to my local field and changes my mind then... ill make you a duct tape wallet