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whats the lightest marker?


Mar 4, 2006
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between an angel and an ego i can tell you that the ego is lighter from experience. timmys are pretty darn light too but not quite as light as an ego i find.

but i just wonder ... surely the weight of the gun can't matter that much. a filled tank weighs the most in the whole thing doesn't it?? (1.1l that is ... and 1.5 even more so but not sure about the 0.8)


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Jan 11, 2005
Grantham Lincolnshire
i think there is more of a difference then a few gramms between an sngel and an ego tbh, but yeh you wanna get as much off as possible. Ego with 0.8 bottle is so light really easy to snap shoot with and cos its light you can pot up and shoot at the same time easier. I wanna see how it is with a vlocity instead of a reloader b.
Out of curiosity why are you looking for the lightest marker? Lightest does not mean best IMHO. None of the markers that you've mention are 'heavy' in comparisson to whats out there. If you're finding a marker a bit heavy, perhaps a few trips to a gym may be called for?