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When was your first time?


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Mar 3, 2002
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Madmax13 has been playing for 16 years and has worked as a Marshall, he introduced me to it about 6 or 7 months ago and iv'e been hooked ever since! I have not been able to play since Jan tho cos I badly broke my right wrist and had to have it pinned together but its on the mend and I should be back on the fields as of next month.

In the meantime I have just been doing a lot of research and study into the sport and markers!


Jan 10, 2002
Just SoManc
I played at a giant indoor site in oldham about 7 years ago
Me and my mate moved into a new room and noticed a guy walking towards it.
we hid and when he came in blasted him
then ran all the way back to the base to tell our mates :D


Team Rampage
Oct 9, 2001
mnmmmm,, we was using TFX 2000 markers,

and was in woodlands,,,
just waited near the flag, and some1 went to get it, bababababababa,, or more like ba ba ba ba,,,,

really fun, that was 5 years ago...
I've been playing since 1990 when I was in the navy and as a day out a group of us went to a local site. Sinse then i have been playing on and off and i am still waiting to experiance my first elimination.:eek:
Only kidding I didn't get an elimination at all the first day but thenh again we were using old sheridens and balls were £1 for ten I only managed to go through about thirty balls. cheapest day out i had ever had. I twasn't until we returned a month later did i experiance of taking out another player.:D

little tone

Mar 3, 2002
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my first day was at mayhem peterborough in 89.i went with a guy from work who at that time was a veteran.
I thought that because as a lad i had shot and owned most types of gun i would be the man to stop,i mean i was wearing a balaclava.
first couple of games i was **** .
then i tagged someone with my pgp and was totally hooked.:cool:

John Molloy

Jedi Master
Jan 9, 2002
My first elimination (that I remember, not being as old as Alien has its advantages:D ) was at worsley on the old hay bale field with a Splat Master hit a guy on the hand from 40 feet away ( I was 16 years old at the time (and I'm 30 now) I was hooked from that first game and never recovered (14 years and still playing ouch my knees;) ) I wonder what advances in tech will occur over the next 14 years? the super semi's of today may be the Splat Masters of tomorrow :eek: and Alien will be really old ;)

Tom Tom

Damn you ALL
Jul 27, 2001
I played my first game about 10 years ago, I was 13 and was playing at Top Gun, (was an old hospital and was the best site I ever played, well it was my first time and your memory always is hazy)

We played with the Pirahanna Pumps, and From the very first whistle i was hooked. I loved it and I don't think i have ever looked back.

My first elimination however, I am not sure. Have I ever eliminated anyone?

I think it was either on the first day and i got a lucky shot in. Or it came many years later (when i had saved enough to go again) and we were on the bridge field, I crawled through the undergrowth and lit up a guy in the tower looking else where, Very satisfying.


New Member
Jan 6, 2002
Missouri, USA
First Elim

Let's see, my first elimination..........hmm. I had played 7 or 8 times, for countless hours nonetheless, and came up dry. Until one day, approximately seven years ago, in a walk on game, I finally got my first elimination, with a SL68 II, compliments of a goofy looking kid named Monning,...... Marring,...... Manning, I can't really remember his name, but that's not important. :D Ok, that was a fabricated story just to try to make Manning26 feel better. Anyway, I actually got mine the first time I went out to play. On the way to play, my brand new SL 68 II sprung a leak. Not knowing a thing about paintball equipment, I neglected to check the O ring on the tank. Anyway, I ended up using a PGP. At the end of the first game, approximately 4 hours from the beginning, I snuck up on two guys behind a brush pile. I could hear them talking about where they thought I was. Then they counted......1......2.....3. That's when they popped up and shot about 60 degress in the wrong direction. I shot one of them in the arm, and the other in the mask. I was hooked from that point on. Happy to say, I've had 10's of 12's of eliminations since that glorious day seven years ago.


New Member
Nov 12, 2001
Cheshire, UK
My first time been lit up :

It was on a capture the flag from the enemy base on a COLD day in December of 99, i think it was like the 22nd or something. So anyway, me and my teammates where attacking this fort. And all of a sudden bang. OUCH!!!!!!!! I was tagged right on the knuckle of my middle finger. It stung like bloody hell, and the cold didn't make it much better either.

I didn't start playing paintball properly till this last year (no money before then).

My First Elimination:

God knows. Cuz when its 40 people with infernos,you've no idea if it was your shot if there is more then u firing at him. My most glorious tag though was when I did the 'old "come round back and pretend your the enemy" trick. I had to put up with my own team firing at me, but once i had the enemy fooled i lit six of em up, and slid back into the bush to grab the flag. Muhahahhaha