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Where can I buy JT nForcers?


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Jun 28, 2002
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Looking for some decent goggles, and have heard good things about these (I'm a total n00b so don't want to spank £80 on gogs quite yet!)

I've seen nForcers on plenty of US sites, but not on any of the UK sites? Anyone know where I can pick up some of these?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Jul 1, 2002
London, UK
Nforcers aren't quite the same as Nvaders - the Nforcers take JT Spectra 260 lenses, the Nvaders take the "lower-range" Elite lenses, which have a narrower field of view. And yes, the Nvader usually comes with a single lense but the Nforcer comes with a thermal lense.

I quite like the protection and view that the Nforcer gives me, but damn is it hot in there! If you can, try a pair on and run around like mad for 15 minutes before you decide to buy them. Next time around I'll go for something a little more open, like a Flex 7.


Apr 3, 2002
Maidstone, Kent
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I don't think that they do mail order, but i guess its worth a phone call! I'll be on site tomorrow anyway so i'll ask. I have worn them to ref in & they do give good protection esp around the mouth area as breaks dont go through, but i do find them a bit uncomfortable, they slip down a bit on me. I guess it depends on head shape. If you dont want to spend a lot try the V-force Sheild...about £40. They come with thermal lenses and have an easy change lens...you just flip 2 catches forwards & the lens pops out. They also have a 8-10% wider field of vision (periperal vision) than the Nforcer/Nvaders and much more air circulation around the mouth. They are a bit on the bulky side though and the peak doesnt keep the rain out as well as the JTs However, The V-force built-in throat guard is handy and is easily removable if you dont like it. Comes in standard black or colours. Again Smartparts. Hey guys...look at all this business i keep putting your way...Phil WHY can't i have the 10% 'loyalty' discount i keep asking Danny for?????

Oh yeah and i'm sure the standard JT lens (either spectrum/tinted or clear thermal) DO fit the Nforcer goggles. I put lenses out of a flex ize into Nforcer no problem...well it took half an hour but they fitted!