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Where did you play your first ever game?

Ms Bossy

wotever :o)
Aug 26, 2002
1987 in a place called oakley in surrey, cant remember the site name.
Best memory:
Being given a new 25 shot stick feed to try out, yipppeeee, going out and game on, i find a hole in the ground with a corregated sheet over it so i pop myself in and wait.....opposing team comes past me, about 10 in all, and i pop up and line up to do them all in the back......pull the trigger and....WHOOOSH.. the stick feed gets blown out of the feed and i'm standing there, on my own, marker that is now just summink to look at, and ten very surprised peeps staring at me with the ...you shouldn't have done that look, got shot to s**t :rolleyes:

Another good memory is at a disused hospital in epsom surrey (indoor), there was this guy showing of his new marker with a laser sight, boasting how it gave him a huge advantage over us mear mortals huh......, a game was ongoing in one of the corriders of this building and smoke grenades had been set off like is was no tomorrow when this laser beam appeared in the smoke......we all looked at each other and shot the life out of the area where the beam started and a few seconds later out of the smoke came this guy wondering what bl**dy day it was, and we broke his laser in the process:D

Ahhhh those were the days:p


New Member
Oct 29, 2002
Rochester, NY
well, everyone's from the UK here it seems. so here's he yank look at it.

first time: at a field run by fat guys in southern Rhode Island.

fondest memory: well, i kinda suck so i get shot a lot. but i go longer and longer w/o getting tagged every time. guess the best was turning to check my 9 and watching a guy fire and seeing the ball, seemed in slow mo, fly towards me and tag me in the neck. that was thrilling.


New Member
Oct 27, 2001
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Late '80s sometime at a field with no name in Wemmerpan, just outside Johannesburg.The land was a slag heap for a gold mine, lots of acidic yellow dust, bullrushes and eucalyptus trees. My four friends and I played in UVEX goggles, no masks, brown South African army uniforms borrowed from our older brothers and used Splatmasters. Each ten shot tube cost R10 which was lot of money for us, so we made a tube last for a whole game. Last game of the day I got hit on the tip of the nose at close range which left my with a killer welt and lots of attention next day at school. ;)

My fondest memory is of playing an indoor field in Boksburg, using Tippmann pro-lites, my first experience with semi-autos, sometime around '92. We played "no head shots" so naturally I got whacked on the head a few times when I stuck my head up for a look round( explains a lot , doesn't it? ;) ) . I got pissed of at the four guys holed up in a fort who kept beaning me, so I snuck 'round the base of the two story tower, climbed up the outside in my best sneaky ninja stylee, and emptied my hopper through the little windows. The screams of pain and terror were music to my ears :D


Sep 19, 2002
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Electrowerkz at angel have fond memories of the ole splatmasters think it was 10p a ball an 1.50 for a 12g that was back in 98


Softly spoken
Jan 20, 2002
Leamington Spa
I dont know that site, i know it shut down now. (Although there is another top site in climping west sussex called ground control with a killer site team, shamless plug)
Twist :D


Super5ives 2010 Champions

...the one and only site I've played at, Ground Control, got completely hooked and have been back at least 7 times since June. For a poor student thats an achievement!!! Then I managed to get myself picked for Twisty's 'Killer Site Team'
And yes Twist that was a very shameless plug!!!


Sep 28, 2002
Late 80's Atak-tics was the site near Harrogate with a complete bunch of lunatics called the R.O.M.C. (Royal Oak Marine Corp)

So many memorys, definately the one that showed the most commitment to the team was when Nam-Nige decided to storm the enemy base by swimming the swamp and using a reed to breathe through.

The Mad thing was he returned complete with flag (and looking like swamp thing if any of you remember him)......

Damn that water was black