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Where did you play your first ever game?


New Member
Feb 23, 2002
Originally posted by Fat Bob's Paintball
Where did you play your first ever game and what are your fondest memories.

Played at Warpaint in Leeds 1987, PGP's £1.50 for 10 shots and 50p for gas (3 tubes and a gas £5)

Sitting on hay bails, couldn't walk for about 5 days after, aching so much.

Aggreeing with my mate that we wouldn't shoot eachother in the last man standing so we would have a chance of winning, then kicking him over and shooting him in the back 2 seconds after the whistle blew.

Great Fun!!
Nice one Andy!!:D I was probably reffing the game:D :D :D :D .
Tho` my 1st game was about a year earlier at Woolley with air Daystates.
I went to Warpaint `cos it was the only site that had a team + it was a damn sight cheaper.


New Member
Feb 23, 2002
Originally posted by Twisty
Cant remember the site name. It was in sidcup though, ruxley wood i think. I was a great laugh, i just remember getting lit up all day from bad bunker runs, and a bazooka, i remember some kind of bazooka. I couldnt move the day after
SQUADBUSTER :eek: :eek: ,plastic drainpipe with a 12oz on the back.
An original Skirmish site near Garstang, Lancashire in about 1985.
£1.50 for 10 paintballs and 50p for the gas to shoot them.
The balls were .65 calibre.
Fondest memory was of running round the back of the oppositions camp and taking the flag, before anyone realised, only to be shot by my own team when I was 5yrds off hanging it. We lost the game as well,
The bazooka will have been a Sabot Cannon. We imported the first 2 in the country.

They fired 100 paintballs at a time which you put into a foam cup. You could get 3 shots from 1 9v battery.

The instructions said it was a weapon for shooting deer in the usa and came with paper flights and metal rods. The idea was that you attached the paper flights to the metal rods (like darts) and fired them out , for hunting deer.

The instructions even included a form for you to fill in about your hunting experiences....Well Dodgy.

After we chrono'd the cannons and found them to be running over 600 fps (yes 600) we sold them to a guy called Roger Carrington (Ballbusters near Manchester if anyone knows where he lives, he still owes us money).

Remember in the early days, no-one knew what they were talking about. I even remember a review of them in PGI.