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Where to list my items?

Jul 17, 2010
Any recommendations where to list some old Paintball gear? It consists of 2x Tippman x7, loads of 'upgrades' etc.

I have recently had it listed on Ebay for 3 days until they removed it, against the rules apparently, unsure if this is because of the mil-sim / replica style, or if it's because it's a Paintball gun. It states both, however I have seen (and bidded) on various paintball markers (non mil-sim).

Gumtree instantly removed the post.

I tried listing it on Fatbobs used listings but it didn't process... may try again. However after having placed an order from their store over 7 days ago with no confirmation email, not answering phone and ignoring emails, I dont have much faith in this company or their system.

I would list it here and probably will soon, although I'm fairly certain regulars of this forum wont be interested in Tippmanns, I may be wrong.

I have sold my soul and returned to Facebook (after 8 years) with an albeit brand new 'fake' account purely to access paintball related groups. Perhaps there are some Trading pages on there?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Oct 21, 2010
There used to be a site called ukscenario which did markers like the x7 but it seems to have vanished and I have been out the game for a while.