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Where to play?

Hey y'all, I'm going to be moving to England this oct to go to uni. I'm still trying to decide where I want to go, right now it's between Surrey and Sheffield.

Now I know I should be looking at which uni has the best course, best living conditions, ect... BUT my question is which one of these places has a better pb community? North or South? Can anyone recommend good fields in either region? Keep in mind I'll have to take public transport.

I like sup and love xball. don't care for woods to much. so a good sup field is a must!

Thanks, lmk


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Dec 4, 2002
Staying warm on a sunday!
there is loads of crazy brit lingo dude! you'll get the hang of it!

where you from big man?

punter is a name for rental customers who play woods ball!

wtd means wanted

as you will realise the guy didnt read your above post but you are best off down saouth really as most northern places dont have thier own sup air apart from special days for walk on members or the tournament scene

tournaments in the uk are

NSPL (southern)
PA league (North (ancaster))
UK masters ( all over the shop from midlands to north)
pro league ( all over UK )
Dartford 7's (?) i know i cant be arsed to look on a map OK!!

any more then just add em on peeps i cant think of any more though! DOH!


hope that helps!

check out the tourny scene and see if you like!

psyko; awsome info man. sucks there are no good fields up in north England for sup air... that's where i'm leaning towards going next year. that might just have to change ;)

I'm from Texas, but have been living for the last 5 years in the Netherlands. I'm not a "punter". I'm either rocking my Shocker or my DM4.



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Dude, I work at Campaign and live in London. I also am captain of a new local team, and I would definately say you need to be down south for the 'balling. There are vastly more dedicated paintball shops, suppliers, indoor sites, woodland sites, sup air tournaments and sup air training facilities in and around London than you will find in Sheffield. Surrey and the surrounding area especially is the place to be, and you are always assured of a friendly welcome at Campaign.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm, email or post.