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Whose the Best Player in England right now?


Active Member
Mar 4, 2021
Jamie Beadle hands down.
A good topic this. Beadle was my initial thought, purely based on the fact nobody else is playing / recently been playing (to my knowledge) NXL Pro in the same way Jamie has.

However, to chuck a curve ball in - Supair isn't the only form of Paintball. I'd vote Jamie on a Supair basis definitely. But what about an all rounder / cross format player?

Ed Matthews last season secured titles in CPPS, UKWM and ECPL.

CPPS Div one champion with Rushers.

UKWM series champion with ECI Tactical.

ECPL series champion with Rushers.

That's a good mix of speedball, woodland, hyperball & mounds. Electro & Mech. 5 man & 10 man.

He may not be playing CPPS elite or NXL, but he's the only player in the UK who has those 3 cross format titles for last year.