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Winter Series Round 4 23rd January


Team Kinetic
Feb 28, 2008
St Austell
No worries Timmyh

Was a good game. After the 1st 2 points we tactically got it all wrong and you guys dug deep and outplayed us. Well done and nice to play some other teams.

We should have sat back after the 1st 2 games and let you come to us but carried on too agressive and in point 5 we called a timeout that actually helped you guys more than us as we had 4 on the gate and you would only have had 2 come the game on.

Then to top all those mistakes off further analysis of our last point we found out one of our guys shot our own man on the start gate and then shot our snake player in the backside and to top it off then had hopper issue lol.

The event provided us with a good warm up and showed things to work on in training before we tackle Div 1 in the NSPL this season.

Cheers guys

Craig P -Team Kinetic