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Woodland Masters - Round 2 Review

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Thanks @Gadget Only with feedback can we make the events better.

I think the amount of teams may have thrown things a little, not a problem - it can be easily fixed :)

Chronoing - again no problems, consider it tightened (y) @Marc0 - Gadget wants to be chrono checked EVERY game :D

And the Scoreboard - that's easy too :)

I know @Dave S ECI and @Twizz ECI keep a close eye on these threads so any suggestions for improvements will be looked at :cool:


Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
I think the timings were a little wonky due to the field sizes meaning longer games and the trek from the safe zone to the fields in use this round.
Chrono checks were relaxed a little after realising most players were not pushing the velocities to the max, we did however catch a couple of markers running hot on rate of fire during games. These seemed to be genuine mistakes and not intentional so we didn't penalised too heavily.
Score board is good for a couple of reasons, keeping players aware of current standings and speeding up the re-seed.
Events will continue to improve over time, feedback is welcomed from anyone who attends.
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Dave S ECI

Jul 17, 2001
53rd and 3rd
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Thanks all for the positive words and feedback. Getting 20 teams into a Woodland event was no mean feat, and stress levels were running pretty high for Twizz and I on sunday morning, but it was totally worthwhile :)

Overall I think the event ran well and there are a number of things we can do to make it easier on ourselves and improve the experience for teams come round 3. As James mentions, we do try and learn as we go (e.g. finals for round 2 were played over two fields after teams at round 1 told us they preferred the variety rather than playing all finals games on one field). We'll sort something to have a proper scoreboard in place for the next round.

We are still keen on growing woodsball and investing back into the series - we introduced prizes for the first time at round 2 with a package worth c.£400 and got proper media coverage in for our teams. We are already working on getting ready for round 3 - can't reveal anything yet but should have some pleasant surprises to reveal later on.

Getting more support and coverage really helped for round 2. Our thanks go to:
- John Sosta and Valken Europe
- Blitzed Media
- Jon Owen at London International Paintball Supplies
- Planet Eclipse
- Ed Muggleton

Congrats to the Preds (1st Pro - another great performance), Turks Red (2nd Pro - back in the Pro division!), Blow (3rd Pro), Rushers (1st Am A), London Tigers (1st Am B), Puddle Jumpers White (1st Novice)

Outside of playing the UK Woodland Masters you can help by discussing it on here - what do you like about woodsball and why should other teams give it a try? Who do you think will win round 3 / take the series title?

Warped are running another 10 man woods event in October. Twizz and I will be there with ECI Tactical. Not booked in yet... give Warped a call!

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