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Woodland Masters - Round 3 31/07/2016

Dave S ECI

Jul 17, 2001
53rd and 3rd
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That's all folks - we are now full for Round 3 at 20 teams! Great to see the event filling up 6 weeks in advance and all the support from teams helping us to grow woodsball.

We will back on November 6th for Round 4 of the series, any teams sitting on the fence get in touch after round 3 and lets see if we can get you in at the final round.

If you still need a woodsball fix, why not check out upcoming events from Skirmish Nottingham (see this forum for details) or Warped Sports who are putting on another 10 man tournament. The Warped 10 man was the biggest woodsball event of 2015 and looks set to be the biggest event of 2016... I'm bringing ECI Tactical and we are gunnin for #1 spot