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Woodland Masters - Round 3 Review

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Wow - Great event!

20 teams - no drops out and this was all going on at the same as Paintfest was....

It really does feel like there were so many people playing up and down the country this weekend!!!!!!

Once again there was an amazing atmosphere! - the base camp was packed out!!

The reffing was really good - it wasn't a nice day to be stood out in - it was hot and at times felt very muggy.

The game play was great - we saw yet another new team join the league as well. - We really are growing woods ball.

The Pro Division was tight!!!! - UK Preds, ECI and the Rushers all were with a chance of winning till the end.

ECI dropped the ball on 2 games but managed to obtain a 2nd place.

The Rushers did come out on top however - Was a welcomed sight to see @Nicky T playing for them!

Scores are below - @Gadget - I believe I've stole these from yourself (y)

Meanwhile, if you were there talk about it!

IF you are tagged in this thread as always I definitely expect a comment from your good selves! ;)

@I am Cassius @Razordave @A.B @Dave S ECI @hipjaw @Marc0 @Twizz ECI

If you know peoples names on here be sure to tag them too (y)

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GB Veterans
Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
Great event ..... again (yawn)

Lots of games felt tight and edgy with some incredible individual and team games.

Pro bracket featured the usual suspects in Preds, Blow and ECI joined again by OAPB 2 and the newly rebuilt Rushers.

Tough day in prelim brackets shoved big name teams like Storm and Turks into the lower brackets for the afternoon.

Big plans for 2017 hinted at by @Twizz ECI snd @Dave S ECI

A pleasure to ref you all again

@lettucecheesecake ?


The Turks
Oct 15, 2013
Another awesome event with a great atmosphere. Great marshalling and organisation!
20 awesome teams who fought on the field but smiled and enjoyed the crack between games !

Dave S ECI

Jul 17, 2001
53rd and 3rd
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Really good to have another sell out event, with a good mix of returning teams and teams new to the series. It was also good to see teams moving between divisions, and showing progress between rounds.

Stand out teams for me were the Underdogz - leaping up the table to take a 3rd place finish in the Semi Pro division and new team, Capital Killerz who took a 2nd place Semi Pro finish in their first Woodland Masters event as well as bagging move of the day and upcoming player awards.

Atmosphere was great and having every team stay for the prize giving at the end of the day is appreciated.

The story of the Pro bracket was the Rushers, qualifying as the wildcard team to get into the Pro bracket, they then went onto to secure their first Woodland Masters victory. ECI Tactical (2nd) and UK Predators (3rd) rounded out the Pro podium, showing just how competitive it is getting in the series.

We are lucky to have support from Valken, Planet Eclipse, LIPs, Ed Muggleton, Blitzed Media, MyPaintball and Darren Lane. Awesome support!

The Woodsball calendar looks good over the coming months - Skirmish Nottingham 5 Man (August), Warped 10 Man Wolverhampton (October) and the final leg of the Woodland Masters on 6th November... get involved and grow woodsball!
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I am Cassius

The Turks
May 2, 2014
Top work,yet again,from all involved in this, quality paint, marshalling and organisation all made for a great day.
Twizz and Dave are both willing to listen to what the players want in order to try and keep improving these events and they get better each time, even if some lowlifes did try and steal one of their chronos (sorry about that) Good to see new faces too. From a team point of view we never lost a game all day but the stalemates are what hurt you, to only pick up 5 or 10 points after a draw can seriously dent your hopes! Something for us to try and sort at the next one, shame it's not sooner!
Thanks again to all involved
The Turks


GB Veterans
Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
Best advice from me to all teams and players after reffing three rounds now ..... get a game timer !
So many games ended with time expiring with a team in a position to have won it or at least gained more points for flag grabs and transit points.
You need to bear in mind staying alive gains your team just 1 point and only scores 5 to the opposition if you get eliminated, flag grab is worth 20, staying live with the flag for the transit points is another 20.
Play the scoreboard !


GB Veterans
Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
I can give you two real world examples of this.
On Sunday two teams (cannot remember which ones sorry) played for the full 7 minutes, at game end each team had eliminated 1 opposing player and therefore both teams had 4 of their players live. Neither team had grabbed the centre flag.
That's just 9 points to each team, 9 points !
On the flip side ECI Veterans were very keen on grabbing the flag first each game, rarely did the player who grabbed the flag survive the full match and hang the flag and a few times they actually lost the game, but they had banked the 20 first grab points.
ECI qualified Pro and placed 2nd
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