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Woodland Masters - Round 3 Review


Platinum Member
Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK
Great event as always and thanks to Marc0 and all the other refs for their hard work.

Shame we sucked most of the day, although we did at least beat Rushers with a flag in transit - I was gutted as I was only about 5ft from hanging the flag when time ran out!

I am Cassius

The Turks
May 2, 2014
The game you were referring to was possibly our game, the last one we played on your field, we only had to prevent the other team from getting maximum points against us to win our division and prevent them from doing so.
We parked the bus!
It was so boring I spent most of the game apologising to the refs for it being so rubbish!

But we played the scoreboard.

I hated it, 2 of our players said they'd rather be dropped than do that again!
Game management is very important, and if we had managed some of our morning games better we would've been in a better position come that afternoon reseed but we only have ourselves to blame and we will learn from it.

Richard (Boots)

Playing before you were born
Apr 20, 2016
SE London
Check your kit bags guys , James Mack from OAPB has lost his jersey at the weekend. Message me or him if you find it and we can help reunite James and his jersey.

Cheers everyone ,the joys of getting old you loss things