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Woodland Masters - Round 4 Review

I am Cassius

The Turks
May 2, 2014
Just thought we'd let you hear our 2 pence worth.
Fantastic day on Sunday the biggest and best yet, all organised perfectly without running into lighting issues!! Everyone involved in running this series really does deserve a pat on the back for persevering to get the UKWM where it is today, from one of the early tournaments, where there were only 4 teams entered, to now with over 20 teams in attendance and plenty more that tried to enter! Next year is set to be even bigger and we will be attending every event. The Turks would like to thank all of the players, some of which came from Sweden Scotland France and Holland, all the marshals, who worked really hard and Twizz and Dave who have given us the opportunity to get back to doing what we love. Thanks to Ledz and Planet Eclipse for their help with our awesome markers and our camo Congratulations also to the series winners,The Predators
next year promises to be even tougher and we can't wait!
Grow woodsball!!!
The Turks

I used to good.Honest

UKPSF #7126
Oct 20, 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed the series, my only complaint was that there weren't enough rounds, but that will be sorted for next year as 9 rounds have now been announced.
Congratulations to the turks for winning the last round, we kept our eyes on the wrong teams scores and that cost us.
Well done to dave and Twizz for seeing this through from a round in 2014 when I remember only 4 teams showing to now with the last round 25+ teams all told playing.
Good to see new teams coming through and lots of younger players now taking to the woods again, showing us old farts how to run.
We will definitely be putting one team in each round next year, and some rounds we will have two teams in, new blood coming through for next year, so keeping the older preds on their toes for places.
See y'all next year.

UK Preds