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World Cup - Chantilly!


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Jun 14, 2011
I mentioned CPS for several reasons. Many have been covered in the posts above.When you are looking at 9 events a year (5CPPS,4Mills ) cost is a major issue . No one is thinking other costs fall,but having 3 legs and lower entry fees is going to be an attraction.The mantra I'm hearing is to make it more fun .Well winning only 1/3 prelims and not making Sunday is certainly not fun .Have been to Formula5 and although probably too far the other way .You cannot deny the players clearly have more fun. Bolter ,that game time is a good idea ,but mills is set up for lightning points with 30 sec turnaround ,with 500format looming. Halves and big game time ,sadly don't seem to be in the offing. You have got to ask ,when no one can remember who won what 3 weeks later and not a bean in prize money ,is international paintball all that?? Onasilverbike ,you mention the venues are ordinary.An American airbase football pitch and British junior football pitches are not exactly the Hanging gardens of Babylon.I'm sure the CPS probably is "Mills on the cheap".But is that possibly what teams looking to play overseas want/can afford?

Kevin Winter

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Dec 10, 2008
I played OD3 at Campaign this year for the first time after pit-crewing last year. For me, the appeal of playing a mills event is that you get to play against some international teams, with people actually watching! There's a flavour of playing a big, international event buzz of playing alongside teams like Impact, Heat and so on at the same event and watching live games, browsing the trades and meeting a few mates. Playing it means you feel more involved than rocking up as a spectator.
e We found the cost wasn't too awful - I spent £200 or so all in, including getting there. Playing anything overseas is just too much - partly because I'm a schoolteacher and simply can't take any time off when the Mills events are on. But also, I would have to be playing/training the majority of weekends and be a little dedicated/selfish which isn't an option if I want a balance to my life. To be successful at the very top end of this sport, you need a lot of time and money, and most don't have the will to sacrifice what it takes. Especially as there is little reward beyond some cheap/free kit and a small amount of prize money. Excepting the satisfaction and personal glory, is it worth the sacrifice for the limited reward (that may not even come when you have to beat highly funded states/russian teams with deeper pockets than you to get it?)
Given that the younger generation of ballers have grown up with the idea in their head that Pro's are well paid and sponsored to the hilt, I think many bail out when it hits them that no one owes them anything and they aint getting a free ride.
Unless I win big on the lottery, in which case I will put a lot of money into taking a team through to the CPL, then I'll continue my once a year taster at Campaign, and playing UK events only...