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wots a timmy like feed back plz


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Dec 28, 2005
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True words just sticking up for my brand:p..must say when i first got my timmy it was not the gat i was expecting and as you said the tec-support is dead when i found someone that knew alot about the timmys i fell in love with my gat again..the first time being when i saw pics of it and bob long on vid ripping then got one and it was shi*e manual was for 2002 model and setting it up how the manual says made it even worse and it was chopping like a kid munching sweets...must say im very happy with it now..but not knowing someone who tecs them forget it


Old Skool Is Cool....
Feb 1, 2003
timmies are good enough markers however getting spare parts for them can be a pain.
The parts are a peice of pi$$ to get from states-side sellers, and very cheap too. If people think out of the box and send a few emails to suppliers wherever they may be in the world, then they can get the bits they need.

I totally rebuilt a Russian Legion timmy sourcing parts from the states, you can practically build a timmy from scratch with all the parts you can buy.

Setup properly, they shoot at the highest end of the performance spectrum.

Egos are for girls, real men shoot timmys!! :D

*edit* pic of mine I just built: http://www.dirtballerpb.com/gallery/albums/userpics/10001/1.jpg

Robin Hood

Formerly Jermy
Feb 6, 2002
An island in the rain
Anything to plug ure new anno job ;) :p
Good to meet ya at the weekend.

And speedbird speaks the truth. Timmies have their place on the tournament podium, but there hasn't been sponsored timmy team in Europe until recently for a while (Except for Hellwood...but I never actually heard much about the team, just their custom body).

They don't get enough credit over here.