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Would It Be Better To Join A Team Or Start A Team ??


CPPS Chief Chimp
Mar 26, 2008
I'm going to go against what some have said here.......depending on your circumstances.

These factors depend on the following:

1. If you are a solo player, or you play with a group of friends
2. If you're looking to join/make a woodsball or Sup'Air team
3. What your financial situation is like.

1. If you're on your own, join a team. Starting a team by yourself will just never happen - finding like-minded players etc etc

If on the other hand you play now with a group of friends, then consider starting a team. I honestly think that what makes most teams work these days is friendship and camaraderie. Yes you can get that over time by joining a team, but if you're playing with your friends every week, you've got more chance of sustaining that team and growing it.

2. The beauty of starting a woodsball team is you don't need much in the way of numbers. A few friends, get some similar gear/masks and off you go. I've encouraged quite a number of people who regularly play in small groups to start up teams this year at Diamond Wars, and after giving themselves team names, buying some team jerseys etc, they are now attracting new players and slowly growing and finding their feet. Ok, they might not venture to the supair field for a few years, but they have a bond as a team which encourages them to play more and act like a team.

If you're looking to start a supair team from scratch with no experience of supair, then it's another vote for joining an established team. There's a lot to learn, and you're best of doing it with a team who has a good idea of what they're doing and who can show you the ropes.

3. If you can only just about afford to play yourself every other week or so, don't even think about starting your own team, as the cost pretty much doubles immediately and you'll be paying for this and that before you know it! Don't get me wrong, it's the most rewarding thing you'll probably do in your paintball life, but prepare to raid that account, week in, week out.