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WTB:UK Shocker SFT trigger & board

WTB:UK Shocker SFT trigger, board and HE bolt kit

Hi, as the title says really, looking for a new trigger and board, pref looking for a virtue board and a New Designz trigger but open to just about anything

only condition is the trigger must be black or red

Also turns out I am now looking for a HE bolt kit, pref either evolve full kit (not the ULP) or the smart parts one

please either pm me, post here or add me on msn/email me at pornomunkie@hotmail.com with what ya got and a price inc postage and paypal,

no messing around saying name a price either, you have the item, say the price you wanna part with it for and i should have the money transfered to ya within 5 mins of sorting a deal out



Dec 6, 2004
blackheart board matey £50 posted SFT/NXT version with an 80g microswitch

not a virtue just an option :)