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WTD Ego6 grips, Shocker body, screws lube etc


Sep 26, 2006
Hi all,

Decided to start work on my old Shego project again and there are some bits I need.

This project has been done so far on next to no budget and I'd like to keep it that way.
Most this list are small items and lets be honest this stuff is ancient by PB terms, so lets keep it cheap please.
Not all that fussed about colour or condition (so long as they work).

Shocker SFT/NXT body. Only interested if it is BB eyes compatible.
So that would be some PL SFTs, all NXTs and stock SFTs that have been milled to accept BB eyes.
Price range (£10-45) depending on the item.

Ego 5/6 grips. Either stock 06 ones or aftermarket.
Price range would depend of what grips you've got, absolutely not looking to spend more than a tenner though.

Screws. - set of Ego5/6 grip screws.

Lube. - spool grease. Hater, Dow 33 ,what ever you got.

Gauge blanking screw/plug

Q-lock feedneck lever.

Those are what I need atm, but if you have any other shocker bits going cheap, I'd be curious to hear what youve got.

Also after some cheap cheap playing pants.
XL or XXL. Black/grey preferred
Open to good to medium condition.
(Happy to have abrasions on the knees for eg, don't want full rips however).

Come at me with prices including postage and paypal fees please.
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