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wut the heck??/


im gettin better really
Mar 19, 2002
check it out i got this new drop foward right and i put it on my gun its all gravy works good u no i put my co2 on it and it works for like a minute then starts shooting co2 back which sux so i figure it the o ring and i change it same thing so i put it on my old stingray 2 ice and it has no problems i figure its cuz the bottomline is all snaked up but im not sure help me out if u can :confused:


New Member
Jan 23, 2002
Anchorage AK
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Is it an anti syphon tank or just a regular tank?

If it is an anti syphon tank you need to have the tube repositioned in the bottle and this should fix your problem.

Anti syphon tanks are normaly fit to the gun. There is a hard tube that is soposed to be at the top side of the tank. since not all threads start and end at the same place and anti syphon thank is specific to each gun/ recever.