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Oct 10, 2003
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i feel embarassed to ask this but i'm drawing a blank on this one, i know its something like speedball and i think i seen the fields in APG (they got the big x in the middle), but i know theres a little twist to the game, i think it might be country vs country games, but what is different from it and regular speedball


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im sure some one can give a much better definition.

but this is how i understand it:

the game lasts 40min, and is split into 4 quaters lasting 10 min each.

each team must win as many games in the 10min as possible, and in the next 10min they swap ends of the field and continue,
when the 40min is up, the team with the most wins is the overall winner.

its just another format of play, designed to be more inline with other sports.

i hope this is right :D


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Oct 29, 2003
I saw the finals at Campaign Cup this year, and it was an international thing, but looks like they have some sort of inter state thing in the US.
its just another format of play, designed to be more inline with other sports
It's also designed to be more enjoyable to watch for outsiders, to get more people interested in the sport. Not sure if this is a general thing but for the finals they had commentating etc to make it a little more exciting for peeps who aren't really into the sport. It's a lot of fun and exciting to watch, definitely! Hope that helps... :cool:


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May 23, 2002
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The games in the EXL were split into two 25 minute halves,with a center flag and 5 man format. Each team plays a game with the objective being to hang the center flag in the other teams base. The buzzer will sound when this is done and the teams have 2 minutes to get off the field, pot up, air up and be back on field to play the next game. The faster you win, the more games you get in in the 25 minute half.

There are no 1-4-1's, only time penalties in the 'sin bin' for things like playing on, wiping and overshooting etc.....

Its designed to be a fast paced game, where supporters who do not normally watch paintball can really get in to the fast paced game.

In Europe last year, the teams competing were largely set teams like the Ugly Ducklings in the guise of Team Denmark, Russian Legion in representing Russia etc... Sweden i believe was made up of players from Joy, Ignition, Joy Kids and others.

In the States, it is franchise based and with teams Miami Effect, Chicago Aftershock, Philadelphia All Americans, Baltimore Trauma and New York Extreme, Detroit Thunder, Oakland Assassins and the L.A Ironmen competing in a western and eastern conference with play offs at the World Cup to determine a winner.


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