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yet again, my first marker ..........


KU Nemesis
Jun 4, 2007
Newcastle Under-Lyme
The vibe will do you well in the woods or out, I think I am right in saying that an SP1 is exactly the same as the vibe but in a more scenario type shell. Stick with the vibe until your sure what sort of paintball you want to play. The added weight and bulk of the SP-1 will not help on a tournament field.


Dec 3, 2007
Dude were you at round 3 of the inter-uni? I vaguely remember seeing someone holding a woodsball gat. Sounds like you're getting an awesome deal. Can't emphasise the mask bit enough though. Especially for woodsball, you are gonna need something comfy with a thermal lens for those long sweaty crawly-abouty games. If you get a vibe you can at least play supair if you feel like it, and I hear they are actually good for the price. You'll want to upgrade in the future (you will, trust me) so if you can't afford an etek or PM now you can save cash on a vibe and then leap-frog the Ion/PMR range later when you actually need a good marker. Welcome to the sport man, hopefully I'll see you at the next inter-uni!

phoenix pete

paintballing karteka
Jan 12, 2008
devrij you may be thinking of my mate wolfie, i want at round 3 cos of drinking commitments.

and im at aber uni, rock on wales!!!!


IM AGG...my mom says
Oct 24, 2007
pmr are quality i shoot one and i am getting in to tournaments as i am a relatively new noob lol...i have shot a few other guns and they are good but you always prefer your own set up. ions get slated because they have plastic parts but they are good markers, the only difference really is that there are more modes on a pmr and it has a bit more technology than an ion as in changing firing modes but they arent the easiest to customize as where the ions you can pick up almost anything on here and websites to make it better which you would have to do. if you was looking for a marker to just buy and thats it then pmr it gives you everything you need and if your anywhere near me (tamworth) and you are planning to go to bassets pole then i will pop up and you can play a couple of games with it hope ive helped and search on the sales section for pm dm pmr because you can get really cheap ones and if it doesnt work then you could send it to me and i will fix it for you if i no what is wrong but there are great techs in the country which will have all the parts and its normally free private message me if you have any questions!!
cheers Mat

phoenix pete

paintballing karteka
Jan 12, 2008
have i???

i havent got one yet im trying to decide between the vibe and the sp1

think im going to go for the vibe myself