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yet again, my first marker ..........


Apocalypse Paintball
Feb 10, 2008
i am also a noob and my marker is nerly on its way its a angel 04 speed alot of good reveiws of them but people on other forums seem to hate them its like ions some say they are good i go to my local site they say stay cleare they are all plastic and will break i dont know its all other peoples decisions that get people annoyed and maby go off a really good marker i like the site pbreveiw they have all the reveiws on like every marker

uk killer

Active Member
Aug 8, 2006
Don't buy a vibe. Lad turn up the other week with a brand new one i had to strip and full rebuild it before it would work.

Niall W

Platinum Member
Dec 13, 2007
Cambridgeshire / Swansea
this will sort you out, honetly its a much better and safer bet than a vibe. I was going to get a vibe but ended up getting a pmr and have not looked back. You'll just fid yoursef upgrading to a pmr or above afew months after if you get a vibe anyway. slg, great efficenty, speed, reliability and customer support from dye all for £280 plus a bit more for p+p:p. but honestly its a much better bet. And if you still wont take the advice vibe andsp1 re the same just you'll look silly having a woods gun on a tourny field but not vice versa so i'd say vibe.
slg ;)


Platinum Member
May 4, 2007
woah! i aint got that much!

i want a decent mask yea but i aint got £50 odd quid to spare just for helmet, i barely got £30, same goes for air tank. i just need one i can use for now, i can buy the dogs boloks when i can afford it.

idealy whole lot under £200, so i just want to know WHAT i need cos its gonna be cheep and cheerfull.
Planet Eclipse do a really nice mask for £30, kinda bluey grey. It's lovely, and ALL of my team have bought them so we match :D