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Yet another n00b thread!! Based in Teesside/North East


Nov 26, 2010
Hi guys!

Sorry for posting yet another newbie thread on here, but I have a few questions and I hope I can get some help, feedback etc.

I am looking to start playing more regular as I have played a few times this year (towards the back end of the year) and I love it. I am looking to play more objective, woodlands, milsim or whatever it is best referred to as instead of the traditional speedball type paintball. This leads to my questions.

1. What sort of marker would be suitable for this type of paintball? I have looked at the Tippmann a5 due to the customisation and from my research it seems like a beginners marker but with good quality and scope to improve.

2. What would be the best method to get involved? Walk on days? Find a team? Training days?

3. Is there any other equipment worth looking at? I have seen a good mask is a worthy purchase, but what about gas bottles, clothing, hoppers etc? I see a lot of start packs with all sorts of stuff and some of it seems a bit much.

4. Are there any teams local to Teesside that are looking for players or holding try outs?

5. Is there anything else to expect that I haven't thought about?

Thanks for taking time to read this.



hi there. some answers:

What ever you like. just because you want to play in the woods doesn't mean you need something you can make look like a machine gun... what you should consider above all is relaibility, consistency and ease of maintanence.

For woods games, definitely find some walk on days. the guys there are usually more than happy to give you any advice you need, get a look at their kit, even try some stuff out.

Great mask is no.1 priority. get one that's comfy and doesn't fog up on you. there are plenty of good masks out there, but you are the only one who will know which one is best for you. have a look at grillz, flexs, and axis pros to start with.

you don't need the best hopper in the world to start with, but make sure it is capable of feeding fast enough and reliably enough to match your markers rate of fire.

air bottle wise, i'd say a 4.5k fibre bottle is pretty much standard. i started out with a little steel bottle and ditched it within 2 months - waste of money in the end...

hope that's a few questions answered for you.

Blue Beanie

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Dec 27, 2009
ok them going from my experience i'd say;
the term i believe your looking for is scenario or woodsball

1. my dad has an a5 and they are good markers but you can't use them for tournies if you wanted to move on (which many people end up doing) all tournie markers can also be good for woodsball as they are lighter, smaller, electric and potentially faster. the A5 is very customisable but in my opinion is only good with an apex or flatline barrell, and second hand they're quite cheap
2.first try some walkons, then you can hook up with a team from there and progress accordingly
3. look at a proper 68/4500 gas tank as it's assential for woodsball players as these extra shots are very important when stuck in woodland, and a good mask like the dye I4s or the dye invisions or I3s as these are bigger and slightly cheaper than the i4s but the i4s are lighter and have a larger lense. i would also recomend a tacticla vest if you get an a5 so it will be lighter and they offer protection and hold your gas cylinder and pods and you look the part :)
4. sorry mate i don't know
5. it's bloody expensive, make sure you have a decent income before you start playing with a team so you can play all events and keep up playing with them.

i would really recomend UK scenario forum as they specialise in this type of paintball and you'll find more scenario stuff for sale on there and find some good people to hook up wth and they can help you with teams.
please don't deleate this because i put ukscenario in it mods :(

so there's my 2pence hope it's helpful, if so please thank:)


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Jan 25, 2005
4. Newcastle lockdown are in your neck of the woods, check the teams listing at the top of the newbie forum, for others and contacts