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Young player seeks English team!


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Apr 29, 2002
Leicester, England
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is there a team in England(preferably the midlands as i live in Leicester!) who would be willing to take on a optimistic, commited young newbie paintballer to train and have on the team? i would love to join a team and would love to be trained by an expierenced paintballer, if o then contact me asap please!
Finding a team

Can I sugest...

that you find a site near by that sposors a team, and get in contact with them. Maybe try and talk your way on to a practice day or sumit. One post on p8ntballer doesn't stay in the Hot threads section very long (though this might help) Maybe post in the classifieds or Tournament section (also find a tourney you can get to and offer to pimp yourself out as a guest.

Good luck

Richard (sorry my team is up in Durham and a uni team otherwise we'd love a commited willing player....)