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The Mighty Dwarf

paintball whore
Nov 10, 2002
UK hertfordshire
If you do not know who we are, well what can i say := best come and meet us at one of our training days, We are currently looking for mid/front players that want to play paintball with a great bunch of guys we train at least twice per month as well as one tournament as well if you can not train that frequent thats not a problem as long as you make it at least once a month to training and our team meetings and social nights. So if you want to join a team that is moving forward then email me . Go on give us a try you might even like it :D


New Member
Apr 9, 2004
Las Vegas
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i know most of the people i noticed are from over seas. I hardley ever see people on from the states. But i cant find a site thats in the states that people visit often other than every 2-3 months or so.