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  • Hi mate you should receive your gun today. Could you let me know when you get it :) and what you think of it. Thanks very much mate
    i'll have that bottle are you about and i'll bring the cash over. i guess it going towards the fly
    not got anything yet just had to get two new tyres and off on holiday in 3 weeks and need to phone jamie as no walk on card yet. on the upside just got hold of the pressure gauges and found out thanks to techpb on youtube the tools i was after are just m3, m4 and m5 threads so don't need to buy the angel a1 tool kit
    yeah mate its still for sale and no but i can get down there fairly easily i just need to get rid of it its just cluttering my house up
    Not yet buddy, should be the 16th about, getting an ego 10 as well :) Fancy another Ego 09 ? ;)
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