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  • hows that pm7 working out for you?
    i brought one at the same time as you aswell and mine is running great, the trigger is a bit heavy but im looking to replace it.
    Yeah i know what you mean but im just gonna get some cheap costume that i wont mind when it gets destroyed, and there will be games between matches where you can wear your halloween mask. pretty much just switch masks after games
    Are you guys coming to the fancy dress day at cambs on the 1st of november?
    Should be a good laugh
    adam, on your new thread, you might want to add:
    single or double lense
    what it includes aka microfiber bag, box, peak

    might attract more people
    i have found some real nice flex's for £20... i might buy them and sell my mask and lenses to pay for them... i might even gain some money out of it
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