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  • lol yep, u do get what you pay for, also i just found out the PM8 should be 550. which i thnk i must have the most expensive marker in our team, unless you count your upgrades you will have the most expensive. so i must get somthing good lol.

    And im pretty hopefull that wat the guy sed bout the PM8 been more accurate than the ego 6/7 will be right. And also tht the spool valves are more acurate than egos lol
    yeah i know wat u mean, when the PMR worked it was ace
    And i prefer the spool valve like the PMR, and il admit it i did like the PMR. and to tell you the truth i was not that impressed with my ego.

    and yes tht kinda trainin be good lol
    lol, or swap markers for the half of the day lol, il let u use it a game defo lol. I asked ching if when hes back from turkey if we cud get another day on supair training befre the 20th

    ching wants ot try my hopper, and he sed hell try my PM8 aswell lol.

    but i sed hell get PMR nightmares lol
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