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  • They are bush fields, I use a TM15 and TM7 plus a T8 pistol. I fly out soon so it will eb good to meet before i go back to Oz!
    heh, tell me about it! Why not try to pop on the 9th to Apoc if cash is a problem? You will go through 2 boxes easily! Target rich environment! ;) Tents you can pick up for £25 easily, look for the pop up ones from Argos they use for the festivals.
    We are meant to be at St Neots for 0500 which is away from me,I think I am going to cancel this as it is too early and i do not have to be there until 11am really as I am working for the guy who is running it.
    Let me know what you want to do mate!
    hello mate!
    Costs: Ticket is £50 I think, paint you can usually get for £25-30 a box, plus food,tents etc. Should be a good laugh, issue is that we are leaving at 0500!
    Sounds good, this isn't a tourney-it is a two day scenario game with hundreds of players-sound good?
    Ah hah I see! Yes i am most definitely there sir! Look on the Uk scenario site for the details about Staargate and it is a hoot! Same applies regarding transportation if you so desire, get the train to Knebworth earylish Sat and you can travel up with me.
    It is www.apocalypsepaintball.co.uk
    Which is located in Royston, Hertfordshire. I can pick you up from Knebworth train station and drive you up mate to the field, nice and easy! No tickets and that bull**** needed as we will get you in ok! We have plenty of spare kit, what do you need?
    Hows the 25th of September sound?
    I'm most def there for the Staargate game [11th & 12th I have been told] and we have spare kit for you mate, no worries at all! Get up and see us before we go back to Oz in October!
    Nice one, I am off to play the Tippy Challenge this weekend.
    Let me know when you are free on a weekend and come on up to Apoc! Enjoy Greece! If you are looking for a game on the 12th why not do a weekend game like Staargate in Yorkshire?
    Hiya Jesse,
    Sorry about the tardy reply as it has been a busy week moving house etc! Did you play at the Tower on Saturday?
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