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  • Sent you a few emails chasing you on the vanguard bits I paid you for on the 4th September, I don't think it is unreasonable for you to reply or send the parts after 10 days!
    Getting very concerned why you have not responded to my emails i sent payment to you for the vanguard case over 10 days ago still not received or herd from you????
    Hi, I am looking for a good condition or new vanguard creed case I habe been told I ehould message you
    you pmd me about the purple demon for 220 plus a proto rail 2011 you ready to do the deal
    hey dude u know if i sent paypal money as money owed u wldnt lose any money then or do they still take a %?
    hi paul your pm's are full chum , have you got any g7 fly unitec boards ?
    mines started playing up , so after another before it goes .
    cheers carl
    ex warlords
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