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  • hey man its dom here. finnaly got signed up like this forum man loads of gd wee tips in it
    hi there, i've been told to pm you as i have a friend who wants to start paintball and he is after a marker, hopper, bottle and maybe a mask.
    he has about £180 to spend? cheers
    Hi , One of my team mates are selling some gear Ive been told you need someone to vouch for Plexo's gear?
    I can vouch for the marker as I have used it on the chrono range and seen him play with it , its a great marker and very reliable.
    hope this reasures you
    Thats cool man,no we wont be the only ones using mags i have another 2 mates in the mag lovers club.I will pm you my mobile number when are you going to the game?

    hi dave
    if you are still after that 3.5 bottle i will be at the nvs, you can have it i wont use it again.
    are we going to be the only ones at the nvs using mags????????????

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