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  • regarding the etek2 you have, i would really consider it, but do want to see it via a photo or three, cheers matey!:)
    Alright trigg hows things thanks for setting up the plat jersey postage i`m trying to organise a game on the first weekend of next month saturday the 6th can you pm me your phone number just so as i can get in touch about next month, cheers.
    cant see the open being much more as theres still only 12 teams just like the last 3 rounds only difference will be the enterance fee which will be about £15 unless they plan on using ramping gathering wise im not sure about all i know is that its on my birthday so am trying to get time off work for it
    cool, thats good that theyll shorten the price for u!

    have havok booked for the open? and ar eyou guys playing the gathering?.and yeah thanks :D lol wb
    hey, yeah that design is sexy!! lol. is it going to cost alot?
    i play for the ross shire rebels, exept we did bollocks this round compared to the last two lol. although we still got a healthy standing on the league for only 5 months lol. We might also be changing our name etc for next year so were totally away from the raiders lol, as we use to be linked to them but not anymore haha.

    havok did fantastic on round 3, i must say lol

    i see you have a PM8 also, good going :D lol. you play with lossie yeah? chaos or havoc?

    what you getting anoed on your gun? i was going to get mine annoed but i thought nah, cause its a grasshopper wb
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