1. Luke Dreelan

    Cheap 4+ Pack

    Hi guys i am after a decent but cheap 4+any pack and 4 standard pods i have about £20 (give or take) to spend all in hope this isn't too much of a long shot. thanks Luke
  2. Luke Dreelan

    pods and packs

    Hi Guys I'm still fairly new to paintball and i am near to completing my kit collection all i need is a pack and some pods what are good suggestions for packs is it worth it to go for the expensive strapless packs or just go for the cheaper ones and in regards to pods are things like lock lids...
  3. cobbler

    Kit clear out / leaving sport sale

    Hello All, It's been a long while since I've played and I've kinda fallen out of love with the sport, that and other interests are currently filling my time up! So I thought instead of letting all my gear gather dust I might as well get rid of it all. I've attached a snapshot of some of my...
  4. Jordan Willetts

    Pods, masks, packs &emote

    Dye 3 pack- well used- £33 Dye 3 pack- decent condition-£37 Empire pack- decent condition-£28 I4's- £50 Sly profits-£30 Freak insets 684 + 687- £10 each or both for £15 9x pods- £22 Dye knee pads brand new- £40 XL All prices inc p&p not