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15 minutes with : Return of the Silver Fox


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
@Return of the Silver Fox was pretty quick off the mark and it would appear he's not only famous on P8ntballer.com :)

1) Name
Name John Jones or JJ

2) Age

3) Where do you live?
Leyland, Lancashire

4) What do you shoot?

Currently Sandbaggers CS1 and Geo 3.1 or anything Ledz asks me too.

5) What's your occupation?
H&S manager

6) When/how did you first get into paintball?
Through work at an organised event in 86

7) What was your first marker?
Lapco Grey Spirit (still got it)

8) How often do you use p8ntballer?
How often do you use p8ntballer? Pretty regular, check in at least weekly

9) What first brought you to p8ntballer?
I was buying the magazines from year dot and just followed on from there.

10) What keeps you here?

I like to keep in touch with old friends and get industry news

11) Have you met many people from the forum?
Yes, although some I've not seen for a while including Cooks and Jay

12) What is your dream gun setup?
I've pretty much got it with the CS1, fuel tank, planet FR barrel and pro tip and (I may be the only person on the planet saying this) I liked the look of the RDR

13) What is the worst gun you've ever owned?
Automag RT, way to heavy and used to spike on velocity when it got warm

14) What's your favourite p8ntballer thread or post?
Struggling for the title but I like the 'who's the best team type threads'. It fascinates me how people justify their choices.

15) If p8ntballer was yours for a day what would you change?
I'd add live clips/interviews where forum members could chip in questions

16) Explain your username?
It's Return of the Silver Fox. Was originally Silver Fox which was my nickname on K2 but I forgotthe password so re registered

17) Tourney, magfed or woods/scenario?
All barring magfed. Doesn't really appeal to me as I've seen the sport develop from 'clunky' heavy markers to feats of engineering/electro excellence. If you like it though that's your choice, there's room for all.

18) Who are your two favourite mods?

Assuming they are still mods, cooks and Jay

19) Who is your dream p8ntballer karaoke partner and what is the song?
Cooks, Rainbow - since you've been gone (we're not 'festive', just not seen him for a while!)

20) You're in the final of who wants to be a millionaire. Who on p8ntballer is your phone a friend?

Piper, not because he would be any help, but because I could get him to meet me in the pub when I give the winning answer

21) Take this opportunity to clear up one misconception about yourself?
(Besides the one I've created about Cooks) I can run when playing, I just have never found the need to

22) You've been asked into the big brother house and you can take five forum members. Who and why?
Too many to name but Cooks, Piper, Glen, Stoney, Ledz - drink, passion for paintball, and ridiculous conversations

23) You have the chance for dinner with any 3 people living or dead. Who and why?
Bob Geldof - been a lifelong fan and considering all he's been through he's carried on. Love his music.
Oppenheimer - fascinating individual and I'd love to try and find out how you can be that clever. How the hell do you come up with ideas that big!?!
Ernesto 'Ché' Guevaro - described as 'the most perfect man of his time'. Just to discuss his life and the Communist Manifesto.

24) What is your favourite film and song?
Favourite film is Zulu
Favourite song (probably) Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys

25) Tell us one interesting and one boring fact about yourself.
I once appeared on Braniacs in an episode about camouflage and I work in Health and Safety (it's not as glamorous as you'd think)

Very cheesy

26) If you could give one bit of advice to people, what would it be?
Everybody has a ****ty day/week/year now and again. Cut them some slack.

27) You're invisible for a day. What do you get up to?
Sneak into the Government archives and find out what's really going on.

28) If you could be any celebrity for a day who would it be?
George Cloony so that I could get free coffee

29) What's your most embarrassing moment?
Many and all will begin with 'I was in a pub once'. The one that sticks to mind was when I was drunk and insisting on helping a bloke on crutches with his drink. I wouldn't take no for an answer and said 'you can carry my drink when your better'. Turns out he'd had polio as a kid and wasn't going to get better.

30) What is your proudest or most memorable moment in life?
My wedding to Wendy and children

31) What is your worst habit?
Making light of everything. For a typical example see 29.

32) Name your best paintballing experience?
It's all been good but it's got to be every time I play with the Sandbaggers.

33) What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

I've nearly died due to a pulmonary embolism but probably my first experience of public speaking.

34) You're on death row, what's your last meal?
A corn beef butty and a sweet cup of tea

35) First thing you'd do if you won the lotto?
Buy houses for all my children

36) Tell us a joke
Two goldfish in a tank. One says to the other 'how do you drive this thing'?

37) What's your porn star name? (name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name)
Flic Hunter

Thanks John, I'll be in touch with the next Nominee as soon as I find out who he/she is :)